Around the Lake, Nature Trails and The Dog Park

Dogs love the challenge of adventure, a change of scenery and walking through new places to discover. Through the work on Long Island Dog Group, Long Island is home to many great dog parks, on-leash dog friendly paths and cute towns that are interesting. Special walks usually run two-three hours including driving there. Each dog wears a GPS tracking collar at all times and you’ll receive fun photos and videos of your dog’s adventure!

Special Walks with a little dog

This Service Is Only For Regular Clients

As you can imagine, this is a great responsibility. Your dogs must be very comfortable with us. they must know common commands (which we re-enforce during our regular visits). We have to be familiar with their character and disposition. Let's start working together.


Dog Hiking Rates

  • Half Day Hike     $75

Additional Charges

  • Second Dog        $50


What's Included

  • Min. 3 hours of hiking
  • Socialization
  • Safe, stimulating exercise
  • Off-leash exploration
  • Fun photos and video
  • Special Walk wipedown and inspection

Next Steps...

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